61 Percent QR Code Scanners in June are Male

A QR (“Quick Response”) code is a specific matrix bar code (or two dimensional code) that is readable by smartphones.

comScore has just posted the results of their June 2011 survey regarding the QR code black and white squares scanning, here’s what they found.

In June 2011, 14 million mobile users in the U.S. have scanned a QR code on their mobile device, but it representing only 6.2 percent of the total mobile audience.

Among the code scanners, 60.5 percent of them were men, mostly between 18-34 with an income of over $100k.

Half of them said they find the code from a print magazine or newspaper. 35.3% was found it from product packaging. Posters, business cards, flyers and storefronts also made the list. The interesting choice was websites (27.4%) and strange choice was TV (11.7%).


The study also found that a mobile user that scanned a QR code during the month was 58.0 percent did from their home, while 39.4 percent did from a retail store and 24.5 percent did from a grocery store. Nearly 20 percent scanned a QR code while at work, while 12.6 percent did so outside or on public transit and 7.6 percent did so while in a restaurant.


Even I saw those QR code on the business card, public transportation, storefronts, catalog, flyers, billboard, website and TV etc, I think before it becomes a part of the common usage, it still need a bit long way to go.

However, since more and more people are using their cell phone as a substitute for their computer nowadays, which have a big impact on online marketing. QR codes does provide a solution to a problem that business owners didn’t know they had. Example, how to provide seamless bridges between print, online and mobile content and allow customers one-stop access to information and promotions.

And QR codes are cost-effective and a low risk for businesses, it is another way for business to engage with customers and provide them with value. To that end, companies can also offer coupons using QR codes, as well as use it for events.

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