Are Brands Treat Bloggers Professionally

Blogs have been up for years, even though at this moment they are not the hottest social media trend, but they still remain a powerful platform for self-expression, also for brands, services and products recommendations as well. Actually the blogging medium is on the rise, and the numbers differ by blogger segment.

According to Technorati Oct 2010 research, 51% of US internet users will read blogs at least monthly this year, nearly half of internet users surveyed worldwide said they trusted blogs as an information source, and slightly more said they were likely to recommend a brand, product or service they heard about on a blog.

42% of bloggers respondents say they blog about brands they love or hate, while 34% say they never talk about brands on their blog. Among respondents who do blog about brands, 51% said they rarely review products, services, brands, or companies. Among Corporates who talk about brands on their blog, 48% say they post reviews on a weekly basis.

do you talk about product or brand on your blog

bloggers review products or brands

In regarding to the frequency in which bloggers world-wide review products, brands or services, among all bloggers, according to emarketer, 55% said they review products or brands rarely or never, up slightly from the 53% who said the same in Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere 2009″ report.

bloggers worldwide review products, services and brands

Beside that, mobile blogging is another key trend this year, it shows significant growth, according to Technorati, 25% of all bloggers are already engaged in mobile blogging, and 40% of bloggers who report blogging from their smartphone or tablet say that it has changed the way they blog, encouraging shorter and more spontaneous posts.

However, bloggers are dissatisfied with how brands are treating them, nearly two-thirds of all blogger respondents said they felt bloggers were treated less professionally by brand representatives than were members of the traditional media, and hobbyist bloggers were most likely to hold that view, according to eMarketer.

A September post on the mom blog ModernMami complained about the disrespect inherent in many such offers: blogging takes effort, and a blogger’s time and credibility are worth more than a few dollars’ savings in coupons.

Based on Technorati’s finding, in overall, bloggers are a highly educated and affluent group than the general population, nearly half of all bloggers they surveyed have earned a graduate degree.

As a marketer, you should know, a key element that makes your products, services or brands to earned media trustworthy for many consumers is that it can’t be bought – it represents someone’s sincere opinion, from bloggers, example. Thus, if bloggers are credible and have the reach a marketer is looking for, they deserve to be treated like the media outlets they are.

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