Are You Using YouTube Editor to Edit Your Videos?

Since YouTube launched YouTube Editor last June, I haven’t really pay attention to it, until I browsing around my YouTube account lately and find that it is a pretty good tool to use, with it, you can trim videos and combine multiple videos into a single composite. And there no other software, or browser plug-ins (besides Adobe’s Flash) need by using it. It lets users make minor edits to videos they’ve uploaded, as well as stitch several clips together into one.

YouTube Editor

However, if you compare it with the modern-day consumer video editing software, it lacks many basic features, such as captioning, transitions, and image stabilization, it makes up for it in convenience – all your video files and the rendering, is taken care of by YouTube’s server farm, which means that you can do some very involved HD video editing on older machines that would be otherwise woefully inadequate.

Sure, to use the tool, you need to upload your videos to your YouTube account first, you can’t actually do this through the editor.

If you’d like to know how to trim your videos, improve the image quality and add free music, then take a look through the gallery of short video step-by-step guide that posted by Mashable

Even YouTube has its own introductory guide on what the editor’s various features are, but I find it would be a good idea to let you go through this step-by-step how to create something guide, as if you had just come back to your computer with a digital camera full of clips you wanted to put into one, cohesive video, read on to see how to do it.

Enjoy the fun.

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