How To Use GooglePlus Build Your Personal Brand

Google Plus Tips and Resources

To achieve personal branding success in social media platforms is challenge. The types of message you post on Facebook may not be right for LinkedIn or GooglePlus. A one size fits all approach to personal branding is not the right tactic to use - different platform got different crowds of audiences. Among all the social media channels. GooglePlus is definitely useful … [Read more...]

Why Visual Content Is Powerful

the power of visual content

'A picture is worth 1,000 words!'- This sentence says it all! Visual communication, if used smartly and efficiently, can be a huge boost for bloggers and internet marketers because it can easily beats other modes of communication. Visual content, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful tools for increasing message penetration and engagement with your target … [Read more...]

How To Post a Perfect Facebook Post


In this infographic, you will see tons of great ideas based on an analysis of 1.5 Million Facebook posts from nearly 6,000 brand pages in regarding to how to do to let your post be seen on Facebook News Feed Posts with 80+ words garner 2x as much engagement. Most reports state you should keep posts super short, like under 120 characters, well, for this part, I think it … [Read more...]

How to Facebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet

FB Ads

As the world of social media and digital communications is evolving at its own speed, Facebook has revamped its visual design of desktop ads in the right-hand column to improve user experience. With the new change, advertisers will have the ability to run enhanced and larger ads in the right column of the Facebook News Feed with bigger, more effective, and simpler to … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Brain Loves Visual Content


Speaking of brain, it is the most complex organ in the human body, and perhaps the most remarkable, it is a complicated and creative information-processing system. The human brain can achieve the remarkable feat of processing an image seen for just 13 milliseconds, scientists have found. Pretty pictures are the best. 98% of people surveyed with a … [Read more...]