Facebook Page Data Averages Key Findings

Guess what? Massive numbers of likes (fans) is not necessarily the name of the game on Facebook! Because, “the more Likes a page has, the harder it is to get high engagement.” According to the study by the folks at Zuum Social.

Knowing how your Facebook pages perform really adds significant insight to making your own page more successful. Such as look into the detail of its engagement rates, page growth rates, and posting volume.

Brands today are coming onto Facebook in numbers. Companies pouring more and more money into Facebook marketing initiatives. According to one recent study, there over 80% of businesses use a Facebook page. To follow the money, spending on Facebook advertising is up sharply as well, its projected to continue in that direction.

In regards to the likes (fans), lots of marketers and business owners like to get a lot of fans just for the sake of having an impressive number. When it comes to engagement, this is definitely not a good idea. However, then again, just because someone doesn’t actively engage on your FB page, it doesn’t mean they don’t read your updates and might also eventually buy something from you, so it is quite debatable in this sense. But for the pages that offer a free iPad or something similar in a blatant attempt to get fans are definitely shooting themselves in the foot.

Check out this excellent slideshow by the folks at Zuum Social. It is a very eye-opening study – they’ve compared Facebook page engagement rates, fan growth rates, and posting volumes across 10 industries.

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