How Messages Will Change Communication

We’re getting closer and closer to having a chip in our heads that allows us all to communicate without benefit of keyboard. Just picture your best friends in your head & talk away, there no need to memorize their telephone number.

How we communicate with people? It is not about only email, next generation of messaging needs to be seamless, informal, immediate, personal. Since some people prefer email; some only answer texts, to satisfy every needs, it should be simplified so we just need “a person and a message.” according to FB.

Facebook’s new will launching soon modern messaging system will take all the communication between two people, regardless of medium, and show it in one thread. Users will have an email address with their public vanity URL as the prefix.

facebook messaging overview

Don’t get it wrong, Facebook Messaging isn’t going to replace Gmail anytime soon. It’s a whole different product. For those who live their life on Facebook, it might a product that will revolutionize the way they communicate, but for those people who are less frequent visitors, Facebook Messaging is just another new messaging system, which is designed to capture all forms of communication with a single person in one place.

But the system doesn’t handle voicemail or Twitter so it’s not really all inclusive. It will, however, combine what you said in chat or over an IM with the Facebook email message so you can have a running conversation regardless of the application.

The new Messages product will not immediately disrupt the institution of email ….. If a conversation naturally occurs across mobile, synchronous, and asynchronous mediums, such as day-to-day exchanges with a friend, using a system which automatically optimizes for immediacy will make the exchange easier. Once part of a conversation occurs through Facebook Chat or private messages, email and text messages will soon feed back to the Social Inbox. Having a centralized, persistent record of the distributed conversation will also make Messages useful for organizing groups, perhaps better than Facebook’s Groups product which doesn’t encompass SMS or record Group Chat.

While the aggregation of additional mediums is useful, Facebook has also solved the biggest problem with its old Messages product. By filtering Messages according the user’s relationship with the sender, users will no longer lose an important one-to-one conversation amongst low-content Event messages, broadcasted Page updates, and other noise. When a user visits their main Messages folder, they’ll only see active conversations with the people they choose. By making it so easy to continue the conversation, Messages will keep us in direct contact as effectively as the news feed keeps us in indirect contact …. Continuing read how the messages will change the communication

See, Facebook likens it to that box of letters from your great-grandfather – those romantic letters your great-gandmother kept for forty years, but no matter how much you try to sentimentalize it, an electronic archive of IM messages just isn’t the same as a hand-written love letter.

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