How Social Technology Must Integrate with Traditional Marketing

Marketing can no longer be managed in silos. Tactics in one area (e.g., a particular trade show presentation) impact the effectiveness of others (e.g., your search marketing ads) almost immediately. The savvy marketing leader knows that reaching customers is increasingly becoming challenging as their touch points continue to fragment. To reach the fragmented customer, marketers must apply an integrated approach.

Social media has not only accelerated cross-channel effects, it’s blended and mashed-up channels and partners with independent communities into a completely new, living ecosystem. It is an opportunity to integrate social technologies to invite feedback and discussion to engage users on-site instead of forcing them to go somewhere else to interact with the brand. In the other words, as they impact so many different forms of marketing tactics, approaches, and mindsets. If engaged properly, that can be a powerful force multiplier; if mismanaged, it can be a train wreck.

In his recent article, Jeremiah posted a great CMO matrix analysis of the opportunities available to traditional marketers in the social space by using horizontal approach – How Social Technology Must Integrate with Traditional Marketing

Through different marketing tactic – Market Research, Corporate Website, Intranet, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Sponsorship, e-Commerce, Mobile Marketing, TV/Radio, Print, Field, Persona, Channel, and Regional Marketing. He discussed why it is important and what are the opportunities of social technology based on each marketing tactic.

The matrix demonstrates that social technologies are already being integrated in the overall mix, yet marketing leadership is at a standstill on how to integrate.

In the executive recommendations, he pointed out that to shatter the silo and integrate social across all marketing efforts, follow these three steps:

* Start by organizing your company in a Hub and Spoke, Dandelion, or Centralized model. Our research shows that companies are organizing in at least five different models. Whether you have a centralized team or a hub and spoke, develop a way for an internal team to assemble (often cross-functional) to share and learn, then serve internal stakeholders. Companies must know the 43+ points to get social business ready, watch our no-cost webinar and slides to learn more.

* Cascade training and encourage sharing to reduce risk and decrease time to market. Social technologies are still new and come with high degrees of risk as brands continue to have missteps in a new form of marketing. Yet to reduce risk, empower those that have already experimented to share with others, reward those that quickly fail and get back up, and provide a constant stream of training from external partners.

* Require marketing plans to consider a social technology integration –not be a last minute addition. Marketers are not in the mindset of combining social technologies in existing events, campaigns, or traditional marketing. Instead of being reactive and adding this as a last minute consideration, enforce a line item in marketing plans to include social integration up front.

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    Thank you, Maria .. yes, you are right, we do need to use both methods, in some case, use traditional way is better than use new tech way, in others, they are going hand by hand.

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