About Twitter Language Symbols and How To Get Twitter Followers

In the preview article, I talked about some key benefits you will gain by using twitter. In today’s post, I am going to talk about how to get followers after you have registered an account and set up your profile on twitter. Since you have set up an account, by now, you should learn and understand the basics of Twitter symbols/language that which I listed them in below, most likely, you have already followed a few people.

As with most modern inventions, there is a certain “language” you’ll have to learn when it comes to using Twitter. When I first signed up, I was incredibly confused about what all of this stuff means. But I quickly got the hang of it and so will you!

Retweet (RT): This means that the Tweet was originally posted by someone else and you are reposting it because you want to spread the word, you think it’s funny, etc.

Hash tag (#): Typing # followed by a keyword will categorize your Tweet so that others can easily find it by performing a search. Once you start using Twitter, you’ll realize that MANY people use the hash tag in their Tweets – this can indicate a meme or trend that is quickly being spread through the Twit-o-sphere.

@ symbol: Placing the @ symbol directly before a username shows that you are directly addressing that person (but the Tweet is still public). Clicking the arrow button when you hover over a user’s tweet will let you do this automatically.

Direct Message (DM): Typing d followed by a username will allow you to send them a Direct Message rather than having your Tweet appear publicly.

Overheard (OH): OH at the beginning of the Tweet means that you overheard something funny/interesting that is not your own original idea.

Nudge: Typing Nudge followed by a username will send the user a reminder to update and start tweeting again.

FAV: Typing FAV followed by a username will favorite that user’s last Tweet.

GET: GET followed by a username will retrieve the user’s last few updates.

Of course, Twitter is useless as a marketing tool if you don’t have followers, so to get followers to follow you should be your main objective.

First, go to Facebook, Myspace, and any other social networking sites you use, post a link about your new Twitter account in your status update, urging people to follow you.

Second, in your email, put the Twitter link in your signature, and do the same for forums (the Warrior Forum will put your link in a Twitter symbol under your user name and avatar).

And thirdly, if you already have an email list, send out a blast and talk about your new Twitter account and encouraging your subscribers to follow you. If you have a blog, write a post about it. If you use WordPress, you’ll also want to install a plugin that will easily allow your visitors to follow you. I’ll cover that in more depth later on.

Basically what you want to do is to make your Twitter account visible wherever you have an internet presence.

Another way to gain followers is by simply following others. When you follow some other twitter users, they will get notified by email, often time, they’ll be curious about you, check out your profile, and likely to follow you back.

However, by doing it, you have to be strategic.

* Don’t expect results by following celebrities or extremely popular users, as they probably won’t even notice you.

* Don’t follow random strangers, think about that – why on the earth would they be interested in you or what your product, service or what you are selling anyway?

One awesome function of Twitter is the ability to search what people are talking about. If you have a blog about gardening, you can search the keyword “gardening” and it will pull up everyone tweeting about gardening.

You can even search for phrases such as, “need help gardening” or “plants keep dying”, etc. This way, you can find people in your niche who are suffering from a problem that you can (hopefully) resolve.

Keep in mind that you can only follow around 2000 people each day. It sounds like a lot, but if you use the Twitter search engine you might reach that limit sooner than you think.

There are various programs and online services that allow you to follow and unfollow people automatically, rather than going through the process manually (which can be an extremely tiring, boring process). I’ll be covering those in the coming up article.

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