Security Update for Genesis Framework 1.8.1

If your blog currently run on Genesis Framework 1.8.0 or older, I highly recommend that you upgrade to 1.8.1 now.

Speaking of framework, it is a robust WordPress theme that can be utilized out of the box – as is – or also easily extended with child themes and hooks (customized code). Not only do they provide a number of enhancements above and beyond a typical WordPress theme, they also serve as a platform on which to build added functionality.

The Genesis Framework for WordPress is much more than a mere WordPress theme. It’s an underlying framework of immaculate code that’s been built to achieve three important objectives.

The version 1.8.1 is a security release and the following are specific changes made in this update.

  • Added new SEO options to term archives. You can now specify your own headline and intro text.
  • Added new option to display breadcrumbs on Attachment pages.
  • Added page link text option to the User Profile widget.
  • Better integration with the WordPress SEO plugin.
  • New extendable Genesis_Admin classes make building Genesis admin pages dead simple.
  • Added ability to disable primary or secondary menus completely via the “theme support” method.
  • New genesis_widget_area() function to output widget areas without having to build markup or use conditional logic.
  • Native color selector that child themes can use to create multiple color schemes.
  • Improved settings UI to work better with non-English languages.
  • Genesis post options can now be enabled/disable using the “post type support” method.
  • Sanitize some options on save, instead of output, for performance benefits.
  • Admin scripts now loaded only when needed.
  • All code now follows the WordPress coding standards.
  • Comprehensive inline documentation.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

For a more comprehensive list of changes, see this page.

Using the Automatic Upgrader

  • Click the “upgrade now” link in the update notification at the top your your dashboard page.
  • genesis1.8.1

  • Confirm the upgrade.
  • After the new version is installed, click the link to complete the upgrade.
  • genesis1.8.1a

    All done!

Upgrading Manually

  • Before you upgrade anything, make sure you have backup copies of your child theme.
  • Delete the old genesis folder from your wp-content/themes directory
  • Unzip and upload the new genesis folder to your wp-content/themes directory
  • Log into the dashboard to complete the upgrade process.
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Genesis Framework

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