Thai Work Permit & Visa

For a foreigner who wants to work in Thailand but without a valid Thai work permit, employers will not pay you in part or in full. Hence, without a Thai work permit or a company, you have no legal support to stand on and fight for your rights and privileges.

Thai law prohibits employers from allowing aliens to perform any function other than that described in the alien’s Work Permit. Employers must report changes in employment, transfers and termination of all aliens in their organization within 15 days of any such action.

In cases of dismissal, aliens must return their work permit to labor authorities in Bangkok at the Alien Occupation division or, if they are in a provincial area, to the province’s Department of Employment. Failure to do so will result in a fine of up to 5,000 Baht.

Any alien who engages in work without a work permit, or in violation of the conditions of his work as stipulated in his permit, may be punished by a term of imprisonment not exceeding three months or a fine of up to 5,000 Baht or both.

The first step in obtaining a Work Permit is to obtain a proper Non-immigrant Class “B” Business Visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate outside of Thailand.

Work Permits are issued by the Alien Control Division of the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Two entities are under scrutiny in the process of applying for a Work Permit: the applying company and the employee.

We can provide you with full support in these matters. Depending upon the individual circumstances of the applicant and his employer, several additional supporting documents may have to be produced. These may concern details of the applying company (including registered capital, balance sheets, and tax records). The personal background of the applicant is also examined with regard to educational background and relevant work experience.

Thai Work Permit Services:

* Assist in filling out work application
* Provide a list of documentation required for a work application
* Submit work application to the Labor Department and until permit is approved
* Get work permit or extension
* Update changes e.g. company’s name, address, etc.

Thai Visa:

* Get Thai visa extension
* Get re-entry permit
* Change visa type
* Renew Thai visa for Non-Immigrant,
* Change visa type from Tourist to Non-Immigrant
* Get a re-entry permit
* Notify 90 days stay in Thailand

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