The Feature Rich New Google+

Days ago, Google Plus getting 41 updates across Hangouts, Photos and a newly designed "Stream." The updates are awesome. With a focus on promoting and organizing content across multiple columns, the Google Plus team described that the new stream is about "design and depth." The Hangouts is getting some treatment similar to Facebook Messenger with its own app rolling out. Today I spent amount of time to go through those new updates and see that they are truly … [Read more...]

How to Use Google+ to Further Your Goals

The social media world is changing almost daily and this means social media marketing. To get your business out there and get the attention from the crowd is not an easy thing to do. There are lots of hard work and consistency needed. When I began my Google+ journey I thought to myself, "Cool! Google+ has people who are really passionate about it". After time being, I found out that Google+ is very different from other social platforms. It's driven by passions and … [Read more...]

How to Build and Promote Your Brand on Google+

You may have already read lots of article about Google+, or watched lots of video about 'How To Google+" etc. Google Plus, a sort of bringing a social layer to everything people are doing on Google has all the things you've come to expect in a social network. There is a rich profile builder, a place for your photos, a nice videochat feature, a conversation feed, and, of course, "Circles," which allow users to sort the people they know into different buckets. Every … [Read more...]

Did You Start to Use Google+ for Your Business

With its growing influence on search, Google plus has really been receiving so much attention lately. With more richer forums provided for companies to share news to the public, businesses have preferred using it over other social networks. It has definitely emerged as a key player in the online marketing ecosystem and poses a challenge to Facebook’s domination of the social media space. If you haven't use Google+ for your business, take a look at below this … [Read more...]

Get Your Business and Brands to Google+

After waiting for long time, finally Google+ is rolling out pages for businesses and brands. It is now allowing businesses and brands to use their social networking service to create official Google+ Pages, where you can talk with fans, start video chat hangouts and share content. On its Blog Post, there are lots of detail information about how Google+ Pages will allow business to connect with the people who love them on a deeply meaningful level. For businesses … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Google+ Privacy Settings Done

Unless you have lived under a rock this past two-week, then you would have heard what practically everyone (and I mean everyone!) is talking about Google+. Since the search giant released a brand new social network Google+, it has been received a lot of attention from tech pundits and the social media community. No matter you are already on Google+ or not, as with any new online service, understanding how to control your privacy and information is important. So to … [Read more...]

Are You Google Buzz Too?

When I login to my gmail account yesterday, a big screen pop up, wow, Google Buzz! Follow by its instruction, I learn that Google has add social-networking features into Gmail as it attempts to jump-start its social Web strategy. Actually they are marrying the Gmail Web interface with status updates and media-sharing technology in an attempt to convince the social media addicts of the world to spend more time on Google's sites than on competitors like Facebook or … [Read more...]