Video: Are Your Parents Also on the Facebook?

If you find your parents also on the facebook, don't panic! Because you are not alone. After all, a social media platform with have 400+ million users without a few (million) adults on is totally acceptable. So many parents are now joining the world's largest social network that Facebook and added a section where you could declare your family affiliations. Analytics company iStrategyLabs has examined the demographics stats from Facebook's Social Ads platform, and … [Read more...]

About the Future of Social Media

Social media has been a marketing vehicle that has already had an enormous effect on the way companies do business. It has transformed itself in the last 2 years from blogs and forums to Facebook, Twitter and now Google Buzz. And it has matured to the point where marketers are no longer asking whether it should be part of their marketing mix but how and where they should participate. More and more companies find social media is useful as a marketing and … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Use at Work

Social media is just like real-life social activities: You won't get much out of being a wallflower. In regarding to should employees be allowed to use social networking sites such as Facebook at work, or should they be banned? Fifty executives across a range of disciplines and industries debated the merits of allowing staff access to social networking from their desktops. According to the "Social Networks vs. Management?" report from employment services firm … [Read more...]

FB Testing a Conversion Tracking Tool for Advertisers

One of the true fact we are experiencing in our daily life is we see the Web is becoming increasingly social. We now spend between five and six hours per day on these social media platform - the second biggest human activity after sleeping, according to the research. Through use the number of social networks, we can go and experience communication and media content with other people. And we are able to engage in our media content consumption with other people that we … [Read more...]