Understand the Twitter Etiquette and Provide Value on Twitter

By now, you are most likely on Twitter (if you aren’t, what are you waiting for?). And you should learn to treat twitter seriously, just as you do all of your other business ventures. Learning proper twitter etiquette and provide value on twitter is an important thing to do.

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When you are using Twitter, bear in mind of below those things:

• Don’t tweet without strategic in mind!

This should be obvious, but it’s remarkable to see how many people tweet dozens, even hundreds of times in a single day. Be strategic with your tweets, there is no “magic number” of how many tweets you should post per day, just use your intuition and you should be fine.

• Stay consistent.

Tweet every day, or at least every other day. Tweeting once a week or once a month will not accomplish anything – it kind of defeats the purpose of being on Twitter altogether. People will forget who you are and why they decided to follow you in the first place.

• Only tweet about things that matter.

The occasional “Wow these french fries are tasty” is fine – it shows your followers that you’re human and that there’s more to you than selling and marketing. But do NOT go overboard.

Usually the people who tweet dozens or hundreds of times a day are tweeting about trivial subjects that no one cares about. If you feel the need to tweet about your shoelaces or the zit on your cheek, register a second, personal Twitter account to share this kind of stuff with friends/family only – NOT your customers or business prospects.

• If you want to use Twitter like an instant messaging client, make sure that you are sending Direct Messages rather than publishing your tweets publicly.

Chatting with someone over Twitter will clog up your follower’s feeds and it can be very, very annoying. Users may unfollow you as a result. So use common sense and download MSN or some other online message software if you want to chat in real time.

• No hard selling!

Constantly tweeting “New blog post”, “New product buy it now!”, “Great software, check it out”, etc. etc. will not yield great results. Your followers will start viewing your tweets as SPAM. You will not gain a good reputation, you will not build trust, and you will not sell anything. Sorry. Twitter is meant for the SOFT sell – so you’ll have to work on that.

Now that I’ve told you what NOT to do when it comes to Twitter, you might be wondering, “what should I tweet about then?”

Just as with your blog, website, and forum posts, your main goal should be to provide value, in the other words, providing value on twitter. If you can manage to do that, you’re golden!

Here are few easy ways to provide value that don’t take much effort at all:

• Retweet an interesting update from someone that you’re following.

• Offer links to free and interesting stuff, like articles, pictures, and videos (not all your own stuff).

• Comment on current events / news.

• Post funny/profound/inspiring quotes.

• Tweet about interesting things that happened in your day or upcoming events that you’re excited about. (actual things that your followers will be interested in, not the new episode of American Idol airing tonight, unless your niche is American Idol of course!)

• Find something on Digg, Stumbleupon, etc. that really catches your attention. Write a blog post about it first, and then link to your blog post in your tweet. This way, instead of linking directly to the source, you’re linking to your own blog. If it’s something really neat it may go viral, causing a potential hurricane of traffic.

After you have been on Twitter for a while, look at your tweet history. Are you selling too hard? Not selling enough? Are you providing value with your tweets or just rambling on about random stuff every day? Would YOU follow yourself?

Analyze your tweets carefully and modify your strategy accordingly.

Twitter marketing just as with a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, monitor, track, and make changes as needed.

Need help? Have projects to work together? – contact her. Ann is an energized internet marketing professional with enthusiastic, infopreneur & e-marketing consultant. She is also a passionate blogger, into e-commerce, social media, sem & content marketing. Follow her on twitter @imannliu, connect with her on Facebook and Google Google Plus as well.

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