A Big Useful Twitter Tools, Utilities, Plugins and Apps List

Twitter is everywhere, it’s impossible to escape this micro-blog. There are many ways of using Twitter for everything, from business to daily life to fun etc.

To use this micro-blog effectively, you need tools and application’s help, without it, Twitter can be overwhelming and difficult to fathom. Out there, many tools available, what are the Twitter tools that really make a difference for advanced Twitter users?

Previously, I have posted a small list. In today’s post, you can see the list is bigger, some of these Twitter tools have been around for sometime so they have a sound business model. They simplify manifold tasks but have one thing in common – you must be aware and use these (maybe some) tools if you’re serious about Twitter marketing and participation.

The Latest Update – 29 July 2015

Twitter Suite and Business Social Tools

  • Sprout Social – easy to use dashboard to manage your social efforts with attractive analytics.
  • Social Oomph – a complete Twitter automation and analytic Tool, free version also very valuable for keyword analysis reports, follow backs, and reporting.
  • BufferApp – build a targeted list of tweets that it will intelligently deliver over the course of the day.
  • Radian6 – valuable monitoring and analytic tool.
  • TweetBig – another good suite with auto follow-back, tweet scheduling, analytics, and other stuff.
  • CoTweet – tool to help empower teams to monitor and engage with customers across multiple accounts
  • Mutual Mind.com – an enterprise level social media management platform.
  • TweetSpinner – manages followers, rotates profiles, archives and schedules tweets.

Twitter Account Analysis Tool

  • Twitter Counter – good twitter analytic and comparison, statistic tool, it also has some good blog scripts and twitter tools
  • Twitter Grader – analyses your twitter account on a 0-100 score, computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers. Also shows top users in categories, good basic stats.
  • Twit Graph – this one is similar to TweetStats, but weaker and it has more advertising.
  • Retweet Rank – it provides a ranking on the number of Retweets you have.
  • ManageFlitter – it provides clean up and manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back, which inactive accounts you follow, it allows you easily search inside your Twitter stream.
  • Klout – an excellent app to track and rate your social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to follow).
  • Empire Avenue – this one is similar to Klout, only more complicated with a “virtual investment game” built in.
  • Crowd Booster and Peer Index – are good analytic tool as well.

Polls and Surveys on Twitter

  • Twitter Polldaddy – a complete poll and survey site that also offers Twitter options.
  • Twtpoll – join some twitter polls and receive the results in 24 hours

Twitter Integration with Your Blog or Website

  • Loudtwitter – ships your tweets to your blog.
  • Twitter Counter – add this option so people can easily tweet information from your site or blog.
  • Twitter Tools – a wordpress plugin that lets you integrate Twitter with your blog. You can send your updates to your blog as well as create tweets directly from your blog.
  • Twitter for WordPress: Script displays latest tweets on your blog.
  • Twitterfeed – post your blog to Twitter through your RSS feed.
  • Remember the Milk – manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications for yourself.
  • Planypus – make plans and export them to Twitter.

Twitter Advertising Networks

  • Twittad – place advertisements on your profile
  • Magpie– advertise with 5 tweets and get paid.

Schedule Content

Twitter Firefox and Other Plugins

  • TweetStalk– a firefox addon that allows you to follow and stalk people without them knowing it.
  • TwitterLine– a headline toolbar for Firefox.
  • Shareaholic – share webpages with your friends on Twitter, it can be integrated with your Firefox Browser.
  • Twitbin– a Firefox extension that allows you to post and receive tweets via the Sidebin.
  • Echofon For Firefox – another sidebin extension.
  • iTwitter – iGoogle gadget that have ping.fm, twitter videos, twitter news, twitter tips, twitter tools and more.

SmartPhone Apps

There are lots of smartphone Twitter Apps, here are a few of them.

  • Tweetlogix – easy to manage multiple accounts etc.
  • Echofon – another good iphone app.
  • Tweeter – got to have a jailbroken iPhone, but an awesome app to quickly pull up an app and tweet images, video, location, etc.
  • Hootsuite – one of the most popular tools out there.
  • Twitter for BlackBerry – With this app, you can easily stay connected to the information and people you care about.
  • Boxcar – good app that does push notifications for multiple social sites.

Integration With E-Mail / Messaging Applications

  • Twittermail – part of TwitterCounter, it allows you update twitter, send images, and longer tweets via email
  • Twinbox – update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook.
  • TwitEmail– it allows twitter users to send HTML emails with attachments.

Simple Web Based Clients and Twitter Viewing Tools

  • Twitter.com – the official Twitter website, so can’t go wrong with web and smartphones etc.
  • Hahlo– another good web based and iPhone optimized site where you can view tweets and tweet.
  • iTweet – similar to Hahlo – auto updates.
  • Twimbow – in alpha, but it seems like an interesting web based browser if you can get an account.
  • TweetVisor – interesting new activity based web twitter client
  • Accessible Twitter – Twitter UI optimized for disabled users and intended to be easier to read.

Directory and Top User Search Tools

  • TwitterPacks – answers the question: If someone were joining Twitter today, who might they follow?
  • Rite Tag – a hashtag tool that allows you to view statistics on hashtags to find the best ones for each post. With the free account, you can connect one Facebook and Twitter account, while the paid accounts allow you to connect multiple accounts.
  • Start4all – directory of Twitter related web pages.
  • FollowerWonk – search Twitter profiles by keywords and sentences, you can compare two users as well for overlap.
  • Twiends – tool to grow your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube following by trading likes.
  • Twitaholic – lists top 1000 Twitter Users by followers.
  • FameCount – active users on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Twellow – the Twitter yellow pages, you can find people by area of expertise.

Cool Ways to See Your Tweets and Followers

  • TwitterFountain – very cool way to view tweets by person or keyword in real time on big screen.
  • TwitterCamp – nice way to view tweets on a big screen or monitor.
  • TwitArcs– an interesting visualization tool to see how a user’s tweets are connected.
  • Twitter Spectrum – visualization tool that shows how two keywords are connected via Twitter keywords.
  • TwitterBrowser – it lets you browse ones friends graphically.
  • Twitterfall – an interesting real time browser of Twitter activity by keyword, user and etc.
  • Twylah – an on-lin Flipboard type view of your Tweets, it is in request only Beta.
  • MentionMap – a very interesting “mindmap” type view of mentions by username.

Tools for Follower and Un-follower

  • Does Follow – simple tool to see if one person follows another person.
  • Manage Flitter – clean up and manage your followers, it also has some analytic stuff.
  • Tweeter Karma – see who you are following that is not following you and visa versa, you can mass follow those you don’t follow.
  • Qwitter – get a daily report showing unfollowers.
  • Fllwrs– keep track of your followers and unfollowers.
  • Just Unfollow – unfollow those that are not following you.
  • Friend or Follow – another app to see who doesn’t follow you and visa versa.
  • Tweepi – another list cleanser.
  • Unfollowed Me – find out who unfollowed you.
  • ManageFlitter – a highly useful tool for managing your followers and posts.
  • Commun.it – a Twitter relationship management tool. There are three paid plans to choose from, depending on the features you need. You can also access and use the free account, with limited functionality.

Digests Of Social Activity and Summarized Reports

  • Gist – a great app that tracks activity and tweets for your contacts across all social platforms, it has integration with Outlook, iPhone, Android and more, definitely worth to check it out.
  • Nutshell Mail – it delivers a nice daily e-mail report of your Twitter, Facebook, and social media activity.
  • Twilert – a good free app that provides a daily digest of tweets via e-mail of search terms and people.
  • Stream Spigot – creates a digest of tweets for a person or list delivered via RSS or a web page you can visit daily.

Track The Latest Trends and Tags

  • TwitLinks – the latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users.
  • Twemes – see worldwide tag and trends.
  • Topsy – real time search for Twitter.
  • Monitter – Twitter monitor which watches up to 3 keywords in separate columns in real time.
  • Twazzup – realtime search results from Twitter.
  • hashMASH – let you find and sorts similar hashtags based upon activity.
  • Tweet Scan– it shows top and search keywords.
  • Tweetmeme – you can see the latest and hottest stories and images on this site.
  • Twistori – live stream of Tweets showing loves, hates, believes, wishes, etc.
  • Twitturly – this one is similar to Tweetmeme, see the latest and hottest stories and images.
  • Twazzup – realtime search results from Twitter.

Segmentation and Grouping Tools

  • Formulists – an excellent app that helps built personal lists for you based upon certain criteria and keywords.
  • Group Tweet – Tweet with only a particular group of people.
  • Triberr – you can retweet everything in the groups you join.

Twitter Utilities

  • bit.ly – many twitter apps use bit.ly directly or can leverage their bookmarklets, so can say it is the king URL shortener.
  • Twit Longer – it allows you to send longer Tweets
  • TwimeMachine – way to see all your past Tweets.

Integrate Twitter with Files and Images

  • Twitpic – share photos.
  • Spruce  – a free, easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly create images with custom text for Twitter (and Facebook). It allows you to upload your own images and download completed images for later use. You can check the post and add text before publishing it.
  • Twixr – share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone.
  • MobyPictures – share your images across multiple sites including Twitter

Twitter Background Sites

Twitter and Music

  • Blip.fm – listen to music and tweet it to Twitter.

Multi-Platform Clients

  • TweetDeckone of the best out there, free and definitely worth a look.
  • TweetPad – visualizes statistics on the source of the incoming messages.
  • Twhirl and Destroy Twitter – an amazing online application that empowers you with the functionality of Twitter.com from your desktop.
Need help? Have projects to work together? – contact her. Ann is an energized internet marketing professional with enthusiastic, infopreneur & e-marketing consultant. She is also a passionate blogger, into e-commerce, social media, sem & content marketing. Follow her on twitter @imannliu, connect with her on Facebook and Google Google Plus as well.

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